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UFS Explorer RAID Recovery

by category: Data Recovery Software
version: 4.9.2

Product is licensed under terms and conditions of the
UFS Explorer License supplied with the software.

Installer, 32bit
Software Installer for Microsoft Windows, 32 bit. Current software version.
Installer, 64bit
Software Installer for Microsoft Windows, 64 bit. Current software version.

This product was replaced with:
UFS Explorer RAID Recovery version 5.23.
The version is supported for older purchases and is not available for ordering anymore.


About UFS Explorer RAID Recovery version 4:

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery is particularly intended for reconstruction of RAID storages. The software covers standard and nested RAID configurations and allows assembling RAID storages from a set of virtual disks or disk images. After assembly, the RAID storage becomes available for data recovery tools in the program. Although primarily designed for complex devices, the RAID Recovery handles other storages with equal efficiency.

The software with major version 4 has already been replaced UFS Explorer RAID Recovery version 5 and is not supported anymore. Our customers who have purchased this software version before may download and continue using it within the scope of their license agreement.

Software version constraints:

  • Support of the file systems specified for this version only
  • Software features offered by this version only
Software version 4 can be advanced through an upgrade to the latest available software version on beneficial conditions of the Upgrade policy.

Data recovery algorithms of this software version differ from the ones in the current software version. Users of the current software version may acquire this legacy software free of charge, if they find such algorithms more appropriate for their case.


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